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 The EBCO LockdownMagnet is

 made for metal door frames, 

but can also be used on wood 

door frames with a little help

 from your school maintenance

 dept. See below for details.

The EBCOLockdownMagnet is made for metal door frames, but can also be used on wood door frames with a little help from your school maintenance dept.

Go to your local home improvement center and buy flat metal plates 2-4" long. They can be found in the area of store near outside decking materials. Plates between 1.5" and 1.75" wide work best.

Attach the metal plates to the door frame just above and below strike plate. The plates can even be painted to match the door frame.

Use the EBCO LockdownMagnet just as if it were on a metal door frame.

If the metal plates make the door tight and difficult to close, ask the school maintenance department to recess the plates into the door frame.

Some plates are flat and can be easily installed with nails or flat head screws. Other plates come with built-in spikes for easy attachment.

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