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Below are dozens of unsolicited 

comments we received from principals

 and teachers from around the country

 who have purchased the EBCO 

LockdownMagnets, including a 

school that had an actual school 

shooting on campus. That school 

had already purchased the EBCO LockdownMagnets and were using 

them for expedited school safety.


           ​        Also, here is a link to a feature                               story in a high school Student 

               Newspaper from a Massachusetts

                         school that uses the EBCO                          LockdownMagnets and talks

                              about their safety value.       

Below are dozens of positive comments we have received from school administrators from around the country:

“As a principal of an elementary school for 16 years, I can remember saying numerous times "that will never happen at my school!" February 25th, 2015 this changed for Elberta Elementary School. An active shooter entered the building and fired 5 shots. Teachers and students immediately went into our established lockdown procedures. Having the LockdownMagnet on all the classroom doors proved critical in the split-second response of the adults in the building.”


“We ordered magnets from you this past year and would like to order 500 more.”


“I received your magnets for a trial purpose and my school district has decided to order 900 magnets at this time.”

Dave--South Carolina

“This would be a fabulous way to solve problem of substitutes needing their doors locked during lockdowns! Doors could be kept locked all day and they could simply remove this device. This could be something they have to get when they check-in at the office in the morning!”


“I like this. If there are classes in the hall and they need to go to a classroom quickly that is not their own, the door can be opened and then locked easily without a key.”


“I recently received a sample of your product and was quite impressed by its effectiveness.”

Richard—New Jersey

“I love your magnets, especially during our lockdown drills when my classroom is all buttoned up and others are scrambling!”


“I am really excited about this possibly being a solution for us!”


“Great, thanks. This looks like something that could be great for us.”

Brian—North Carolina

“Thanks! They really do work!”


“...might be helpful for substitute teachers.”


“Need to order additional ones to keep on hand for the new school year.

We love these!”


“We were the first in our district to purchase your magnets last year and they have spread throughout our district. We would like to order another 70.”


“We have been using this system at our school all of this school year! Works GREAT!”


“I see this as an ideal purchase. The LockdownMagnet is self-explanatory as shown above. I see this as a no-brainer to purchase. It's just one more item for quicker safety during an emergency.”


“We had purchased 90 magnets for our school district last year and would like to purchase them again for this year.”

Margaret--New Jersey

“Please send us 20 LockdownMagnets. We are so excited to have found these, they are an answer to the problem we have with lockdowns.”


“We would like to order another 500 LockdownMagnets.”


“Attached is our purchase order for 50 more lockdown magnets. We love these!”


“I would like to order some of your awesome lockdown magnets.”


“I like your product and gave samples to our school system to purchase.”


“We recently ordered 40 of your LockdownMagnets. We would like to order 40 more!”


“I placed an order earlier this year for magnets. I would like to order additional LockdownMagnets.”


“The time they save in our lockdown drills has been great, and positive comments from our staff proves to me they like them.”


“We really like your magnets! They work great for our classrooms!”

Michele--New Jersey

“I am very pleased with the LockdownMagnet I purchased to test and would like to order some more for our school.”


“Thank you very much! We LOVE these magnets. We purchased some a few years ago and they have been great! Thanks for providing us an option to keep our students safe.”


“Thank you for the LockdownMagnet you sent to me. We think this is exactly what we have been needing to solve our locking the door during lockdowns dilemma.”


“We purchased about 30 of these last year and are very satisfied with them. Please send our school 20 more LockdownMagnets.”


“We are ready for a re-order of your great LockdownMagnets! Our school has used your magnets for a couple of years and now our parents, teachers and visitors to our school LOVE them!”

Stephanie--New Mexico

“These LockdownMagnets work GREAT for our needs and don't damage the door jambs.”


“We like these magnets for our school and would like to order more now.”

Haley--North Carolina

“We ordered these several years ago and they have worked out great!

I need another order of 150. Thanks!”

Robert--New Jersey

“Attached is my purchase order. We ordered the LockdownMagnet a few years ago. This is a great product and I look forward to receiving my order.”


"We are a K-8 school in California and would love to place an order. Another school in our district bought your LockdownMagnets and swears by them!”


“Just received the magnets!! Wow that was so fast !!! These are great. Thank you all for great customer service. Hope we don't ever have to use these in an emergency manner but Thankful to know we have them now.”

Jessica--North Carolina

“Thank you very much for providing your LockdownMagnets for schools. We have been using them here at our Elementary school for five years.”


As a former 25-year professional law enforcement officer at the Federal, State and County levels and Director of Security for a K-12 school system, I wholeheartedly endorse EBCO LockdownMagnets to expedite school security during lockdown drill and actual lockdowns.


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