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The EBCO LockdownMagnet is 

for classroom and office doors. 

It is not meant to be used on 

emergency exit doors, fire exits 

or exterior doors.


NFPA and ICC egress compliant.

Remove LockdownMagnet 

during all fire alarms.

See below for more details. 

The egress guidelines state, "The unlocking or unlatching from the egress side of the door can be accomplished without the use of a key, tool, or special knowledge or effort; doors shall only require a single operation to release the door from the egress side".

Teachers should remove the EBCO LockdownMagnet from the door frame when exiting a classroom for a fire alarm and close classroom door after evacuation. In the event of an actual fire this will slow the spread of smoke or fire in the empty vacated school building.

The mission of the EBCO LockdownMagnet is to eliminate death and serious injury from an active shooter or violent intruder on school property.

Here are some examples of issued State Fire Codes for Egress and the permitted use of the LockdownMagnets on classroom doors:

State of New Jersey

Division of Fire Safety: Fire Code Enforcement 

Door-Locking Devices Guide 

State of Colorado, see Article 3 on pages 5-6.

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