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The EBCO LockdownMagnet® 

is used by over 2,000 

schools in K-12 school districts 

and colleges nationwide!

Strongest LockdownMagnet on the market today!

100% quality vinyl magnet.

Non-tearable. Long lasting. 

The EBCO LockdownMagnet makes securing classrooms and offices faster and safer during school lockdown drills and actual lockdowns.

When seconds count you don't want to be searching for your keys or having to step out in to the hallway to lock your door from the outside.

The EBCO LockdownMagnet enables you to lock your door in literally seconds.

Help your local teachers. Give them another tool to help keep students safe.

The EBCO LockdownMagnet is designed to fit perfectly on door frames. It is 9" tall by 1.75" wide. It is extra durable, with directions for use printed on the face along with photos. It is about twice the thickness and strength of your average refrigerator decorative magnet.

Tips for use:

1.Heavy paint on door frames?

Sometimes older schools can have many coats of paint on door frames. The EBCO LockdownMagnet will adhere to painted door frames, but too many coats of paint will affect any magnet's strength. If needed ask your school maintenance department if they can remove some paint just a few inches above and below the strike plate on door frame. Paint remover or medium sandpaper will do the trick.

2.Worried about students taking magnets?

School administrators explain to students the purpose and importance of the EBCO LockdownMagnet for student safety. Students will understand and appreciate the importance and security value.

$3.25 each. FREE Shipping!

NFPA and ICC egress compliant.

Remove LockdownMagnet during fire alarms.

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