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Lockdown Magnet
The EBCO LockdownMagnet® 
is used by over 2,000 schools in K-12 school districts and colleges nationwide !

 NFPA and ICC egress compliant. Remove EBCO LockdownMagnet during fire alarms.

1.   Put EBCO LockdownMagnet over strike plate on metal door frame.
2.   Put door knob in locked position and close door. 
3.  The EBCO LockdownMagnet keeps door latch from entering strike plate on door frame enabling you to close classroom door, then come and go freely.
Lockdown Magnet
 4.   When lockdown occurs, open door slightly, remove EBCO LockdownMagnet and close door. Door is already locked.

EBCO LockdownMagnet
is 9" tall by 1.75" wide.

It is made with a special long lasting material.

$3.25 each. 
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